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GSD Studio: 2/10 Endeavour Drive, Port Adelaide 

Tumble Classes:

Tiny Tumble (3-6 yrs)

Level 1 (beginner), Level 2 (Intermediate)

Level 3 & Over (Advanced)

All Students will start in the beginner level & advance higher as they master new skills.

Tiny Tribe: (4 years & under)

Bubs & Me 3 years & under, Pom & Cheer 2-3 years and Tiny Dance 2-4 years.

Toddler Tribe: (U4 years)

A fun introductory class that incorporates different styles of dance, and actives each week including obstacle courses & tumbling. Perfect for boys & girls who are full of energy, love music and to dance!

Tiny Stars Dance: (3-5 years)

A Fun, Casual class that combines Ballet, Jazz & Hip Hop for little ones. A great way to introduce dance, and get your child moving and grooving!

6&U Troupe: (4-6 years)

A class that combines both Jazz and Tap

8&U Troupe: (7-8 years)

A class that combines both styles of Jazz and Tap.

Tap Troupe:

A lesson working on Tap Fundamentals.

Age Groups Offered: 10&U, 12&U, adult and Advanced Competition Teams.

Acro Troupe:

A class that combines Stretch, Tumbling, Balance and Acrobatic fundamentals.

Age Groups Offered: 6&U, 8&U, 10&U, 12&U, Advanced Competition teams.

Classical Ballet:

A straight Classical class for Technique & Optional Examinations.

Age Groups Offered: 5-8yrs, 12&U, 15&U, Senior.

Hip Hop:

Street Style dance, to upbeat and RnB music. For beginners and advanced levels.

Age Groups Offered: 6&U, 8&U, 10&U, 12&U, 15&U, Sub Senior (13-18yrs), Senior (18&U), Open (14 yrs over), Adult (18yrs +).

GSD’s Dance-Ability: (All ages)

Classes offered for students with learning or physical disabilities, or sensory issues. Classes are capped to a small number and every class is designed around each child’s needs and likes.

Stretch & Conditioning: (open age)

A great way to improve your flex and strength with this fun class!

Jazz & Lyrical Troupe:

A class that combines both styles of Jazz/Broadway and Lyrical/Contemporary.

Age Groups Offered: 10&U, 12&U, 15&U, Sub Senior (13-18yrs), Senior (18&U), Open (14 yrs over), Adult (18yrs +), Advanced Troupe

Cheer & Pom:

Our Cheer classes are a very energetic lesson that involves lots of physical elements such as: Stretch, Tumbling, Jumps, and Stunting.

Pom Classes are also lots of fun, leaning routines with pom poms! Suitable for beginners and advanced levels. Students will have the opportunity to compete locally throughout the year, along with Nationally (all optional).

Age Groups Offered: Tiny (3-6) Mini (4-8) Youth (11&U) Junior (14&U) Senior (10-18) Open (14&Over).

Private Lessons:

Available for all ages, in all styles of Dance, Cheer & Vocal.

CSTD Exams:

Offered for students wishing to progress their dance training. Offered in Jazz & Tap.

Vocal Classes:

Our classes are the perfect way to learn the fundamentals of vocal. Suitable just for fun, or for professional training. Offering opportunities for students to compete locally with solo & Group performances (Optional).

Age Groups offered: 8&U, 10&U, 15&U. Private lessons also available on request.